Buying Guide-Poly Gel Nail Kit

April 23, 2020

Buying Guide-Poly Gel Nail Kit

poly gel nail kit

Important aspects that you need to know before buying a poly gel nail kit



As the product we are dealing with will be a part of your own hands for a long period of time we cannot even think of ignoring the material that is been used to make the product.

Cheap quality poly gel nails can be harmful to your nail bed and disrupt the natural smoothness and growth of your nails.


With all elements included in the kit, we cannot ignore that the main thing is the poly gel itself. So you need to carefully observe the amount of product is there in each tube.

Some kits have poly gels with a very small amount of product in it that supposedly will not last for many applications.

This will turn out to be dissatisfactory for you as you will have to buy yourself a new one every few days.

The amount of product needed for each nail differs from person to person. So you need to know the amount of product each kit has to offer to ensure value for money.

Color options

Considering the type of nail designs you will usually do, you need to decide on what colors you prefer.

PolyGel Nail Kit Color Options

Though most of the poly gels’ colors are somewhat the same they also vary from brand to brand.

Also, it is upon the person who is doing the nail. If the person is new in gel extensions then probably one or two colors will be enough for them for practice.

If someone wants nails with two or more colors in the same manicure than more color option kits will be suitable.

It is upon the desired look. As for different brands, color options can commonly range from two to six.


It is necessary to have a kit that has a smooth and doable texture gel. Even nail poly gels might be durable and strong enough but also very difficult to work with.

To get the perfect smooth and shiny finish you need to pick up a nail gel that has a smooth texture. A gel with good texture is also required to achieve the perfect shape and size.

Is the texture is not doing enough then you will face difficulties in getting what you have in mind in your nails? To achieve the right shine, finish and shape it is necessary to choose a gel with doable consistency.

Curing time

When you have achieved the exact shape and size with your poly gel it is time to cure it. Some manicures require curing the nails even more than one time.

So it is necessary to know what amount of time your poly gel material requires to cure. There are two types of curing lights one is an LED lamp and the other one is a UV lamp

LED lamps take lesser time in curing than UV lamps. Therefore, different material poly gel differs in curing time, so choose the one with the lesser time in curing in both lights.

Removal Process

After you are done with your current nail design, you have to find ways to remove it. Naturally, a poly gel nail can be removed by using the solution given with the kit that is used to put the gel on your nails.

The common procedure is to soak your gel nails into the solution for around five minutes and wipe it off when it is damp enough. But some of poly gels, the texture can be made to harden the overall shape of the nail too much.

This can have an impact on the removal process as there can be issues in softening the nail up. So, carefully observe the materials used so that you can find the one that doesn’t need forever to remove.


Before you decide on buying a nail extension kit, you need to decide on the price. Different nail extension poly gel kits have different price levels according to the things that are included in it also the amount of product.

You have to figure out your budget first or else you will end up buying such a nail kit that you bought with a lot of money but actually do not like it that much.

Included items

You need to figure out what products you actually need with the gels. Or else you will end up buying the stuff you already have like curing lamps or even toe separators.

Yes, some kits include that also. So, carefully observe the products that are included in the kit and choose the one with the things

you need to avoid wasting money.

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