How to Use your Glamour Gershion Polygel Nail Kit

August 06, 2019

How to Use your Glamour Gershion Polygel Nail Kit

To begin with an article about how to use the Gershion nail polygel kit, we have to learn the knowledge of poly gel at first. Then, what’s the polygel?


Glamour Gershion Polygel Kit is a complete portable gel polish kit and a true hybrid between hard gel and acrylic.

 gershion polygel kit

Nail polygel was introduced by a desire to make a product that keeps everything nail techs such as acrylic and hard gel systems whereas removing the aspects they do not like. Polygel is much more versatile than acrylic, stronger than hard gel and lighter than these two ones. In contrast to hard gel, Polygel isn’t self-leveling, however it stays whereas you place it, creating it easier to form. In contrast to acrylic, Polygel doesn’t harden til it's cured underneath an associate UV lamp.


Let’s discuss more details about using polygel step by step.

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Step 1: Prepare your nails

  • Remove excess dead skin and cuticle encompassing the nails
  • Clean and buff your nails - the rougher the surface the higher the adhesion
  • Apply base coat to enhance adhesion between nail and nail extension. We tend to suggest the base coat of Gershion Nail Polygel Kit, that is developed to enhance Gershion Polygel products


Step 2: Apply the polygel

  • Choose the suitable nail form from the nail form pack. You have got to size it properly for every and each finger
  • Squeeze a little gel out of the tube and transfer it onto the nail form
  • Using the nail tools and slip resolution provided in our kits, pat and form the gel into place, ensuring the gel isn’t too thick close to the cuticles.
  • Position and press the gel-filled nail forms onto your finger nails firmly. Take away the surplus Polygel that oozes out from underneath the nail form (especially close to the cuticle area) with the nail brush tool and slip re
  • Also neaten the front of the nail extension with the nail brush tool and slip resolution so it takes the form of natural nails. That means not abundant shaping are going to be needed once the form is removed.

Cure underneath associate UV lamp for a minimum of one minute. Please note that, the gel won’t harden unless exposed to UV light.

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Step 3: Final touchup

  • File and form your polygel nails with a grit file
  • Apply top coat (optional), nail art or simply leave them nude


Useful tips

  • Gershion Polygel is light (UV) sensitive. Make sure to figure in an exceedingly variable resistor space faraway from doors and windows
  • Select nail forms that leave ample space in between the form and your natural nails for the gel. Remember that the gel can take up some space. You'll need to leave some space for it
  • When you shape the gel on the nail form, please note that the gel ought to be thickest in the middle of the shape. The polygel can spread outward to the cuticle end and front of the shape after you press the shape onto your finger. Just be sure that the polygel is not too thick close to your cuticles

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