Perfect PolyGel Nail Kit - Gershion Poly Nail Gel Gift Set

April 09, 2020

Perfect PolyGel Nail Kit - Gershion Poly Nail Gel Gift Set

Do you want to DIY beauty nails with family members or friends? Do you want that long sleek look? Sometimes pre-made false nails can look unappealing if the shapes and sizes do not match your fingers.

Quicky take your nail salon home,Gershion poly nail gel is best for you,such an awesome easy product to use and is a great alternative to the other gel.

It can be easily manipulated into any shape you love and you won't be rushing against setting times or chasing runny gel around the

Perfect nail extension polygel kit with a good amount of quantity is the Gershion Poly Nail Gel Kit 30ml, Extension Gel. It comes in a very nice and trendy box containing the gels and tools.

Each box Gershion 30ml poly nail gel kit includes six different colors of gels and the tools you need: nail file,dual forms, the dual headed pen and the base top coat.

Due to its smooth texture, it is easy to build up any shape and size easily.

You do need to have patience for this, even though it is extremely easy to use, you need to acclimate yourself with how much product
to use, how much alcohol you need to work with the material, how to evenly distributed the polygel in the form and how to choose your
nail forms. Great Reviews and IT IS EASY TO USE. For someone who is very particular about her nails, I am happy with my personal
results and I know that I will only get better with practice. Love love love 💗

Design Your Own Nail Art

1. Poly nail gel cures with both UV and LED lamps(36w,48w is best). We recommend curing with UV lamp for 2-3 mins or LED lamp for
60s. The time needed depends on the thickness of the gel.

2. 75% - 90% alcohol can be used as slip solution but make sure it’s not too wet in case it cause holes in the nail

Some of the lucrative features are:

A good amount of quantity in each tube.
Smooth texture to work with
Six different colors in one box.
Cute and trendy box
Durable yet flexible.

Gorgeous packaging and very good quality, will save tons of money.

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