What is dip powder nail?

May 08, 2020

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What is dip powder nail?

Nail dip powder has become more and more mainstream and popular in the nail industry. We may all know and often use nail polish oil and polygel nail, but we still have a strange feeling about the newer nail powder.

Don’t worry! Let us follow the following 5 questions to understand this dip powder nail more clearly:

dip powder kit

What exactly is a dip powder nail system?

It uses highly pigmented acrylic powders primed with bonding and base solutions and set with a durable top coat to keep it chip-free for up to a month. It’s often referred to as falling somewhere in between a traditional manicure and acrylic nails.


How is dip powder nail different than traditional polish?

The biggest difference between nail powder and traditional polishes and gel polishes is in its application. In many ways, it’s more similar to traditional polish than gel, since it’s set with a top coat instead of a UV lamp.


What are the steps to a dip manicure?

Dip manicures are incredibly simple, and a good option for clients who don’t want to sit around for the hour or more it might take for a quality gel or acrylic manicure. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Make sure your nails and tools are clean and free of contamination.
  2. As the BASE is easy to dry, please prepare the powder first before you apply base coat.
  3. When applying BASE, please avoid to getting product on cuticles.
  4. After dipping powder, please use a nail brush to remove excess powder from around the nails surface.
  5. Brushes may harden or pick up color powder during application.
  6. Be sure to clean the neck & rim of bottles with alcohol immediately after dipping a full set of nails. Tighten caps & store in a cool environment away from heat & direct sunlight.

 gershion dip powder nail kit


  1. Using a nail file take off the TOP COAT,
  2. Soaking a cotton ball in acetone, place the cotton ball on the nail and wrap it in a foil sheet. Let it soak for 10-15 mins.
  3. take off the foil and wipe off the excess.


What does Gershions dip powder nail system consist of?

gershion dip powder  nail kit polygel polish

  • 4 X Dip Powders (1.06oz/jar)
  • 1 X Primer(0.5oz/bottle)
  • 1 X Base Coat(0.5oz/bottle)
  • 1 X Activator(0.5oz/bottle)
  • 1 X Top Coat(0.5oz/bottle)
  • 1 X Brush Saver(0.5oz/bottle)
  • 1 X Nail File
  • 1 X Nail Brush
  • 1 X Cuticle Oil
  • 1 X Wooden Stick
  • 50 pieces of Nail Extension Sticker


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